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Five Unique HDB Interior Designs

HDB homes are low-cost state-built Singaporean homes first developed in the 1960s. Once you are finally able to purchase your HDB home you have the freedom to redesign it to your taste. If you’ve been wondering how to go about this or even who to contact, Renozone is the company for you. We have a transparent pricing system which means you can request pricing before renovation even begins. Our pricing is very affordable and we have designers who specialize in HDB interior design. Our HDB interior designers in Singapore are well suited to you. If you don’t quite know the approach you’d like to take, here are some of our favorite HDB interior designs in Singapore.

Favorite Singapore HDB Interior Design

1. HDB Interior Design – Blk 621 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 –

Blk 621 was redesigned with sleek and smooth tile designs across the floors. The walls compliment the cream-colored floor tiles giving it the illusion of one continuous space. This makes the space seem bigger and it reflects natural sunlight better.

HDB interior design Blk 621 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9. image 1

We added a handful of LED lights which are a lot better than traditional bulbs because they conserve energy and most importantly they produce less heat. We also incorporate glossy wood for the tables and stands to give the home a more earthy look, this makes the home feel a lot more worn-in and less detached or cold. Finally, we designed the bedroom with a huge bed to maximize the space.

We also included a medium-sized desk and a seat for reading or whatever purpose it would be needed for. This provided room to move around freely and to approach the bed from either the left or the right. Renozone’s redesign of BLK 621 is structured to look warm, lived-in and homey. For a renovation like this, contact Renozone.

2. HDB Interior Design – Blk 151 Tampines St 12 –

This HBD interior design is very modern and sleek. First off, the bedroom was placed beside the windows to maximize the natural light. By doing this, our client can be awoken by the natural light and can see the sun go down from their bedroom. The floors are glossy hardwood but the walls are completely white. We included some closet space right beside the bed. The closet was designed with sliding doors to maximize the space in the room. Instead of doors that open in and out which would take up a lot more space and collide with the bed, we decided to use black sliding doors which also contrast perfectly with the bright white walls.

HDB interior design Singapore Blk 151 Tampines St.12 image 2

The actual shower is small which leaves a lot more space for the rest of the bathroom. This helps to give the illusion of a much bigger space. It is a trick most architects use to maximize the potential of an area. Renozone works with the latest innovative ideas in interior design to ensure you have the best home for you.

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Finally, we have the kitchen space and living room which are very spacious and designed with sleek, modern materials like glossy wood, marble tiles, and metal. Metal is often shunned for interior designing because people perceive it to be harsh and boring however with proper execution from a company like Renozone, metal can be a wonderful medium for interior design.

3. HDB Interior Design – Blk 1B Pinnacle –

Block 1B Pinnacle is a design that was focused on presenting separate spaces. We used different materials for the living room and the work area because we wanted to give the illusion of two different spaces. This helps our client work more efficiently because the work area is distinctly different from the living area so that solves the biggest problem that comes with working from home. The kitchen is designed with several materials. The use of wood, metal, and marble brings the whole design together. We added a red chair to be that pop of color. Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring. All that matters is how you execute the colors. Chandeliers can also be used for lower ceilings, it is not restricted to high ceilings. This is your home, you don’t have to settle. Contact Renozone (65) 6292 3345 for the best designs out there.

Singapore HDB interior design Blk 1B Pinnacle image 3

By using mirrors in the design of the closet, the living room reflects which makes it seem a lot bigger than it actually is and the kitchen was designed with smooth and monochromatic colors which give a very modern look. Maximizing the space you have is a very important factor in how Renozone designs a home. Simply because you don’t have a huge space doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. With Renozone, less is more. We can make.a single space two separate spaces yet make sure they still blend into one another for a good aesthetic feel.

4. HDB Interior Design – Blk 305A Punggol Road –

This is a very playful and colorful design. It incorporates a lot of primary colors and very solid bright colors. Bright colors can be used without seeming too childish. If you want a colorful home, Renozone can paint your images to life. In this design, we incorporated the art pieces into the design. They are art pieces and at the same time, they are a part of the home design. Each room has a different feel and look so that the space seems bigger and the design can be executed in several ways.

HDB interior design in Singapore Blk 305A Punggol Road image 4

Yellow, red and the glossy wooden planks work together to create this beautiful design. This flat was also designed around art. There are many art pieces adorning the walls. This, in turn, gives a very mysterious but yet aesthetically pleasing look.

5. HDB Interior Design – Simei St.4 –

With bright lights that work in tandem with the reflective surfaces, this design is a marvel to behold at night. The design is very comfortable and home-like. Different shades of white are used for the walks and the floors. This results in the paint job looking continuous and cohesive making the rooms seem huge. The white on the floor and wall are juxtaposed by the colorful furniture. The kitchen has undertones of green and there are flowers adorning the counters. The best thing about the white overlook is that it gives the client a blank slate to build on. So, if you’re still not sure what you want to do with your home, we can incorporate a design that lets you bring life to your home in any way you want. A design like this one.

Singapore HDB interior design Simei St.4 image 5

The bedroom is equipped with a large bed and the bathroom has a fairly large shower. The kitchen also has a bar tucked into one corner. These designs are space maximizing and they are also easy to personalize. Call Renozone for the best-personalised designs

These HDB interior designs are some of our favorites. They show how versatile we can be and hopefully they inspired you to start creating your designs. You need a reputable company that provides top-notch HDB interior design services in Singapore. Give us a call at Renozone (65) 6292 3345 and we’ll bring your ideas to life.

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