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Five Unique Condo Interior Design in Singapore

It is rare to find a perfect condo in Singapore that’s equipped with every single thing you need. It’s either you find a completely empty one or the pre-furnished ones. Either way, they seldom match-up perfectly to your tastes. You don’t have to settle for basic designs or stick to the designs already in the condo. Especially if you have purchased a condo, you have the freedom to design it however you want. If you’ve invested in that purchase, there’s a high chance that you’ll be living in that condo for a stretch of time so you should make it as comfortable as possible. It is cost-effective to have the renovations done at once. To do this, you need an interior designer in Singapore or a company that specializes in condo interior design in Singapore. Renozone can provide you with both. We have a transparent pricing system so you’ll know the cost before embarking on the renovation and you’ll be able to bring out the possible best designs all within your budget. If you don’t have any ideas for your condo’s interior design, here are five of our favourites to get you inspired.

Favorite Singapore Condo Interior Design

1. Condo Interior Design – Mount Sophia –

This modern condo was designed with a lot of green and earthy tones. The balcony is equipped with a green grass rug that imitates a garden. The furniture used is also one that is mostly used in outdoor gardens.

The floors are designed with wooden planks which gives it a more outdoor feel. This design is consistent throughout the condo and this helps with uniformity and it also helps with preserving the outdoor theme that is going on. The living room is huge with the couch and TV area tucked into one side of the room. This makes the room seem very spacious and large.

Condo interior design Singapore Mount Sophia image 1

The bedroom also employs this strategy by placing the bed at the extreme end of the room and close to the walls. This leaves more space to walk around and to also have a reading desk and chair.

Finally, we have the bathroom designed with shades of great and glass walls. Firstly, it makes the space seem larger and secondly, it makes the furnishings look sleek.

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2. Condo Interior Design – 90 Edgedale plains –

This condo’s interior design is a mixture of modern and colorful. In the kitchen, we have sleek black cabinets and smooth white tiles but the dining area has green and red seats. This balances out the monochromatic look.

Condo Interior Design in Singapore 90 Edgedale plains image 2

The living room also adopts this design. The couch, cotton, and walls are monochromatic colors but the rug is vibrant blue. This type of design balances out the desire to be minimal but to also have a bit of your personality present in your home.

3. Condo Interior Design – Casuarina Cove –

Casuarina cove is designed in a very down to earth, sort of rustic style. The bedroom has a lot of drapes and white cotton while the kitchen is a lot darker.

Interior designer Singapore presents Casuarina Cove image 3

However, there are plants in every room and either the floors, cabinets or furniture is made from wood. These similarities tie in the designs to make them one cohesive piece despite their differences.

4. Condo Interior Design – Grosvenor View –

This condo’s interior design utilizes soft and subtle materials to separate the spaces. For example, the living room and the dining room are separated by a simple string curtain. This separates the spaces but also preserves the feeling of one continuous space.

Singapore condo interior design Grosvenor View image 4

The rest of the condo is designed with soft materials and strong colors. This juxtaposition makes it a sight to behold.

5. Condo Interior Design – Amaryllis Ville –

This is a very modern and sleek condo. The condo is designed with monochromatic colors and strong materials. We have more of marble and glass over wood.

Condo interior design Amaryllis Ville image 5

The colors utilized are mostly white and black. The bedroom is separated from the bathroom with a large glass door that can also be used as a mirror. The living room is very minimalistic with only a few pieces of furniture and a bookshelf that can double as an art piece.

Renozone is an interior design company that has specialists in condo interior design Singapore. This company has some of the best interior designers in Singapore. Contact Renozone now (65) 6292 3345 and make your dreams a reality.

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