Dear Renozone,

I am writing in to give an account of my working relationship with Edwin Hong. Throughout the renovation process, from idea generation to sourcing of materials to actual works, Edwin offered me sound and professional advice. He was very responsive to queries and transparent when it comes to billing and finances. As this is my first home, he was extremely patient in walking me through some of the ideas, explaining to me what the pros and cons are in making certain choices.
While the project was somewhat delayed due to issues beyond his control, he kept me updated on the progress and supplied pictures of the ongoing works to keep me in the loop. He’s gone out of the way on several occasions, including responding to my queries over the weekend and even when he’s away on vacations.
With a great sense of practicality, Edwin is perfect for owners who want stylistic homes that function with minimal fuss; My friends were full of praise when they came over for visits. I thank Edwin for his friendship and kind help during this period of working together and I am sure he will continue to deliver outstanding results in his future projects.
Thanks once again and all the best!
Best regards,
Ivan Chin

To Colin & his team

I’m writing to compliment Edwin who handled my renovation at Simei.

It has been a pleasure working with him but not sure vice versa…lol

I’m a weird owner with certain demands and expectations.   Sometimes both of us would argued on certain issues but eventually we can compromised (usually after his lengthy explanation…lol) – having my wants and his expertise.

Many times I’m too quick to reject his ideas and suggestions (but his professionalism did not stop him from providing)  My friend told me he is a good /responsible ID because he care to give options whereas some ID would just give what you want without alternatives.

He is also very hands on – some of the rectification works were done by him personally – I’m impressed !!

Last but not least, I think he did a good job managing my neighbour who complaint every day during the renovation period…haha.

Thank you  Edwin Hong aka the Magician who transformed my home !!

Best regards

21 June 2018

To Whomsoever concerned

We started the renovation with Renozone Pte ltd for our 3-bedroom in April 2017 and the interior designer assigned to us was Ms Vindy Wong.

Throughout the 2 months of renovation, Vindy was meticulous and highly responsive to our queries and demands. No matter how trivial or difficult the task is, she diligently and patiently fulfilled them all. She was very consistent in meeting the timelines agreed and in case of delays she was always upfront on the delays like a true professional. Unlike other ID’s around she was always transparent on the costs.

What impressed us is really their service and professionalism throughout the renovation. We never felt any stress because the project was managed very beautifully,

I am really glad to have chosen Renozone and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a responsible, reliable and professional ID.

Even after one year from completion, Vindy is very prompt in attending to our smallest requests and we really appreciate that.

Thank you

Hetal Dave & Nishant Dave

Dear Kelvin:


I want to take this opportunity to thank you and Renozone team to have done up such an excellent renovation work for my house which the whole family now finds great pleasure

In residing in. You have provided us very and many professional advices along the way, creative insights and ideas, and when things are not done properly ,

you have been very prompt to do the necessary corrective actions.

I know I am not the most easy customer but you have shown great patience and professionalism in all the changes and upgrading works.


My visitors including friends and relatives who have seen your works have also told me it is a job more than well done!

My family and I are very pleased and happy, and will definitely provide strongest recommendations to Renozone to anyone that is interested to do home renovation.






Dear Renozone team,
I’m the owner of unit 08-07 of Hillview Green condo that engaged Edwin Hong
from your company for ID work and reno.
I’m writing in to share my appreciation for Edwin.
Since the beginning of August when I started engaging with him on the work
for my home, I have nothing but good interactions with him.
I got his contact from my Brother who had worked with him  on his own home
and through his recommendation I reached out to Edwin. I did not shop around
for a contractor for the fear of getting lost in this risky world of
renovation and construction industry.
Edwin’s professionalism, commitment and customer-focus approach has made the
whole experience a pleasant one.
This is my first home and naturally I started out with tremendous about of
worries in terms of how much I can trust my reno- ID team and Edwin had
eased me through this whole journey.
Not only he is credible on his own commitments, the quality of work and the
end result all come out to be exactly the same as what was promised.
I’m very appreciative of his work and have in fact decided to extend part 2
of my Reno for kitchen to be done in June next year.
I know I can trust him and I know he tells me upfront what he can and cannot
deliver. I’m already recommending him new leads for the work and I’m sure
quality of the work he has done for my house speak for itself too.
Thank you Edwin.
Me and my kids are very grateful to you for being part of our journey to
start a new life at our new home.Thank you.
Ma Win SuSu


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Hi Sales!

I’m very happy with the services that Edwin provided in my recent home renovation.
His suggestions for the kitchen tiles, the color for the doors, the kitchen sink and stove support, right down to the installation of the powerpoints, and lighting were spot on.
He is helpful and ensured that my place was tidied and clean at the end of the renovation.
All in all, it has been a great experience without any hiccups or hassles. Please send my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Edwin.
I’d recommend Renozone to my friends whenever the chance arises.
Thank you and best regards,

“Jillien has been helpful throughout my renovation process. We discussed and aligned our views on what I wanted versus what she had in mind. Though there were some hiccups along the way, as most renovation projects have anyway, we managed to sort these out amicably, as Jillien was open-minded and wanted to make things better. Jillien is responsible and not calculating, and this was most evident in the fact that even after handing over, she still attended to the rectifications and also my request for extra shelves without charging.

Jillien, being a mother and house owner herself, is able to embed practicality into her design, which is a boost to me as I need to make use of every space I have.


Dear Edwin and Renozone,

We would like to thanks Edwin Hong for his hardwork and patience for making this renovation project a thumb up!

You are willing to go to extra miles to help us solve problems and gives valuable suggestion. Especially when we have last minute change in our original plan. You are able to work it out well within schedule. Your patience is greatly appreciates when we simply cant decide what is the best design we want. You take initially to suggest the best solution. Although the dateline is short, workmanship is not compromised.

Heartfelt thanks for making this 30+ year old home into a beautiful one. I would definitely not hesitate to recommend you or Renozone to my friends.

Noelle Law and family.

Hello Jacky.

How are you doing, guessed you had a wonderful CNY in Malaysia!

I just done my house warming for my unit, my friends gave good comments even some are from the same industry as yours!
价廉物美,this is what they called it.

The first time we heard Renozone, thought this is just 1 of the designer firm that don’t willing to share too much ideas to their customer. Until we met you.Really appreciate your patience in the beginning as me and my wife are so new to the construction and been asking those really cute questions, but you tried your best to answer these questions and further suggest me solutions on the matters. This made up a large part of the reason why we chose you after meeting up with the other 7 designers!

My wife and me kept arguing on the designs, colours and you did a great part as a designer to suggest us the best fit for our house. And both of us agreed with your suggestions! Pro is pro, you are indeed an old bird in your industry despite your young age haha!

Thanks for helping us in saving more cost in our furniture and design. Your suggestions indeed helped a lot!

Is good to know you as a designer and a friend, let’s stay in touch and I will definitely introduce you to my friends and family for their house renovation with the interior designer with Renozone!

Randall Ng


I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to your designer, Andrew Cheong, for his services in designing my house at Qbay Residences. He is personable and trustworthy, two traits that I find important in interior design business. In addition, he is experienced and was able to provide me with a variety of suggestions and ideas for my house. He is one person who would tell me what design is feasible and what is not, something which I appreciate in a designer.
Andrew is also very accommodating given my uncompromising schedule and even when he’s overseas or busy, he would make an effort to reply to my messages.
I definitely would recommend him to my friends who are looking for practical, aesthetically pleasing, stylish designs that are suited for all budgets.

Thank you, Andrew, once again and may our paths cross in future.


To Renozone:

We engaged Jillien for our 5 room BTO in Fernvale Lea after meeting with various IDs from other companies. We chose her because she was able to listen to our needs and give her feedback to further improve our ideas. The contracts that were drawn up for us were well detailed and all the costs for each item was indicated clearly, unlike some other companies that grouped various items under one cost package.

Renovation went rather smoothly despite minor hiccups every now and then, which in our opinion was part and parcel of building your own home. We appreciated the fact that she was able to respond quickly to our problems and got it rectified. She also constantly kept us in the loop with regards to the progress of the renovation as we weren’t there to oversee it on a daily basis.

It’s been about 6 months since we moved in and so far there hasn’t been any major problems with our place. Thanks Jillien!

Best regards,

2 July 2016
To: Whom Ever It May Concern
We are writing this testimonial to compliment the services of id Jilien Lum. Meetings with Jilien are fast and concise. We like how she did well to meet deadlines even though flooring was delayed by a month due to long queue by hdb. She is friendly and quick to address concerns or issues risen during and after the reno. I was concerned about the colour choices initially but the final result turned out better than expected! I’m glad Jilien took the helm with the colour scheme  and gave advice for many of the design aspects- One of the reasons we decided to engage an id over hiring a contractor. Overall, our experience with Jilien was pleasant and hassleless:)
Thank you Jilien for helping us create a beautiful home!:))
Yours sincerely,
Anna and Ying Chao

HDB Interior Design 3

HDB Interior Design 4

HDB Interior Design 5

HDB Interior Design 6
HDB Interior Design 7

RE: Renozone Pte Ltd
Judy Tan

To whom it may concern:

Please allow this letter to serve as my recommendation for Judy and her company, Renozone.

I have just completed renovating my dream house a 3-rooms flat in Ang Mo Kio.

Judy was recommended through my sister and her house renovation was done about 9 years ago.

The best experience was meeting Judy. Her knowledge, experiences and vendor affiliation was a great benefits to me. She is very professional, reliable and always available to talk to. I am very grateful the time she spent with me buying all my fittings and lightings.

She is cooperative, considerate and very quick and swift in understanding needs.
She is a friendly lady until we had become friends.

I Heavy black heart love the design of my wardrobe and the TV console. They are nice and unique! Her confident suggestion had given me a great help especially in choosing the paint color. The outcome turned out beautifully.

Most importantly, the work was finished on time and the whole renovation was done perfectly within my budget.

One more personal credit to Judy. Sincerely thankful to her, happened that my new house was located a few blocks away from my existing, and we do not have a car, she was so kind enough to help us carried some stuffs over the new house at times.

Here Wishing Judy and Renozone much success with the business and all the best in future !

Best Regards
Winnie Wong

To Jillien and the folks of Renozone,

My renovation journey started sometime beginning of March and span till the month of September. After going though some quotations and visits to even some reputable IDs firms, i had finalized my choice for my dream home to Renozone. The ID who attended to me was Jillien.

First email started on 23rd of march. After a couple of follow ups mails and calls, my wife and i finally met up with her for further discussions.

She is jovial, polite and knows her work well. She is not pushy in introducing her designs and listens to what we wanted. She displayed much patience after my wife and i keep changing designs from time to time. The final product of my home ended up with a collaboration of her ideas and what we had in mind.

I would say that i am quite a fussy client as i have read too much on problems occurred during renovations and excuses given by IDs when things goes wrong. The assurance given by Jillien that everything will go well was what i needed to hear.

The whole renovation ended up with so much lesser hiccups then i had have anticipated. Even though some hiccups did happen, she was able to rectify and minimized the damage. I am very particular about how one solves a problem when things goes wrong as i am from the technical field.

She was up to 80% of my expectation. To further add on about the positive aspect of Jillien, she even went the extra mile to purchase display racks from Ikea for me. That’s value added service !!!

To sum up this testimonial for Jillien, i would recommend jillien from Renozone to anyone who needs to construct a love nest and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the great job done.

Thanks Jillian and Renozone !!!

BesT RegardS

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HDB Interior Design 10

HDB Interior Design 11

Hi Jillien,

Thank you for doing up my mother’s place at Telok Blangah Crescent. It was a tight dateline of 6 weeks from October – December 2014 to have the place renovated for my wedding. I understand it is not easy doing all the coordination, working with the mansory worker, carpenters, plumber and electrician. Truly appreciate your coordination, patience and attending to our needs. Love the design of the cabinets especially the one in the living room.

In fact, Jillien is working on the renovations at our new place at this moment.

We would definitely recommend Renozone for their design, work and budget.


I am writing this review for Miss Jillien of Renozone. I have been happy to work with her, She is very professional in her work and most importantly she listen to our concerns. In this would be, we want to achieve a luxurious feeling of our house but at the same time we want her to consider the safety of our young children. To our surprise, she really came out with a sophisticated design and the quotation she proposed to us was within our budgets.
During our housewarming, we received many compliments from our guests. So Jillien we appreciate your hard work and we love your attitude.

Every project you do you go above and beyond. You make each customer feel important no matter how big or how small the project.

See you again in the next projects!

Lily from Block 633 Yishun Street 61

Dear Ronny,

Thank you for helping us in our home reno!
We are so glad that we have engaged
you as you are a very meticulous &
efficient person.

As the New Year approaches, here’s wishing
you and your family good health & prosperity.
新年快乐, 羊年吉祥!

Cindy & Damien

Dear Colin,

Just want to thank u for putting your hard work into our home. We knot it’s not easy working with your carpenter, plumbers, electrician, masonry workers and especially us all @ the same time. We appreciate your hardwork. Thank u for correcting some stuff according to our requirement and needs. We appreciate your patience. We know that we can be as “neow” as the cat. Thx for understanding us. Desmond always
enjoy fixing things, therefore his expectation are high. Sorry that we can’t provide much lighting in the house when renovating as Des likes to fix his owe lights too. To cut the story short, we just like to say “Thank You.”

With regards, from
The weird couple,
Desmond & Wendy

Dearest Colin,

Dear Colin,

We appreciated your endurance & tolerance
towards our demands during the renovation.

We would like to say “THANK YOU!”

Stay cheerful & Stay Healthy!

Joseph & Mendy

Dear Colin,

We would like to thank you very
much on all your efforts in making
our house a beautiful home for us.

Never have we been more impressed
by the efficiency and patience of a person
as busy as you.

Keep up the good work and once
again thank you.

Navin & Shoba

Hi colin

Just to say “Many Thanks” to you and your team for making my
Dream Home come true.

God Bless All Of You.

Mrs. Ho