How to Find the Right HDB Interior Designer in Singapore

Like anything that matters, choosing the right hdb interior designer in Singapore requires some research. Your home reflects your personality and style. So it is just right to find the most appropriate designer who can give you what you desire to accomplish in your home. Interior designers specialise in making every space functional, safe, and beautiful by identifying requirements and picking decorative items like lighting, colours, and materials. They will inspect your home to determine if the desired changes are feasible, and will provide suggestions to get a better outcome.

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Now the big question is how can you find a reliable interior designer from Singapore? When you think about it, it seems pretty easy to choose a designer. But in reality, you can’t just pick right away anyone you found on the internet. You need to consider several factors to ensure you’ll get the best outcome. The following tips will help you in your quest to finding the right one.

Assess your style

Before you send enquiries or pick up the phone and start calling designers you come across, take some time to think carefully about your preferred method of working. This action will help ensure you hire the right person for the job, and will help create a solid foundation for a good working relationship. At what level do you want to get involved with? Do you want to take part in the creative process and share your ideas? Do you prefer to be given more options or fewer? Do you want to be consulted regarding day-to-day details? Can you decide on something with confidence or you need opinions?

Ask yourself these questions and take note of them so you can discuss them with the designer. It’s important that they know beforehand what your style is to avoid misunderstanding along the way.

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Check designer portfolios

If you are not yet 100 percent sure on the hdb interior design that you want to achieve, browsing over the portfolios of the designers might be able to help you. You can find great inspirations from the previous projects of the designer. In fact, you can get some ideas from these projects and combine them into your own design. Moreover, being able to see the types of projects the designer has accomplished can give you an idea on how he or she works.

Determine the scope of the project

The scope of your project can dictate the expertise and experience required of the designer you are hiring. If the project demands a major renovation to an existing space, you might need to find someone with solid and extensive experience on remodelling. Meanwhile, if you are redecorating a single room or repainting the living room wall, you can easily find designers who can accomplish the project within a short period of time. You might just need a interior design specialist who can work with your existing furnishings and help you update the space with new fabric selections or paint colour.

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Do a price check

It is important to find out how a designer charges you beforehand. Getting one flat price of the hdb interior design project helps to set expectations and save you money in the long run. This can help you determine if the estimated cost of your project is within the budget range. You may consider hiring an hdb interior designer in Singapore that offers a flat rate to help you budget for your project expenses.